In 2014, I woke in the night to the words “Rainbow Warrior” repeating in my head. It felt like a calling.

According to prophesies from many indigenous cultures, Rainbow Warriors of many colors will unite from different corners of the globe at a time when the Earth needs healing. 

These Rainbow Warriors will practice and teach the old ways of living in harmony with the Earth in our modern world: 

They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago.” Grandfather Commanda, Circle of All Nations

Soul guide, mountain healer, astrologer
Kristine Backes – Soul Guide

The wisdom our modern world left by the side of the trail can be found through astrology, energy healing, and living in rhythm with nature’s cycles.

My Soul’s service is to guide you back to your innate natural wisdom and connection with the Earth and Cosmos through the old ways of listening to, and living with, the world around us: the plants and planets, the trees, the Earth Herself.

After nearly three decades in communication and leadership work for public and private organizations, pursuing what has been called the ‘American Dream,’ I left for a sabbatical that became a transformation. 

Over the course of the next seven years – one Saturn cycle – I went from corporate communicator succeeding in a man’s world on men’s terms, to mystic, astrologer and nature healer learning to balance the masculine and feminine, within and without.

The shift began in my body, first with catching up on the rest foregone during 50-plus hour weeks and the stressful conditions of 25 years of corporate work, then through the rigors of Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in Goa, India. An immediate return trip to India was part pilgrimage and part immersion in Ayurveda, the sister health science to yoga. This immersion included signing up for a month-long  cleansing and healing treatment known as panchakarma. The depletion of my body’s resources facilitated the release of lifetimes of mental and emotional toxins, furthered during the following month at the sacred Arunachala, mountain of fire, and the ashram of Ramana Maharshi.

The journey to replenishment began in the city, but blossomed in the mountains. A week with Sera Beak at her SoulFire retreat initiated my relationship with my Soul and my own inner wisdom. My call as a Rainbow Warrior came the week later.

Once I learned how to listen to my Soul’s voice, rather than that of teachers and gurus, I knew it was time to go home to Montana, beginning with five months in the family cabin 15 miles and a world away from town. Trees, plants, bears, birds, lions, sky, sun, moon and planets became my companions, healers, and guides. 

In a flash of insight, I signed up for a “Mentorship for Mystics” with astrologer Emily Trinkaus, and proceeded to have another potent dream, this time calling me to astrology.

The Earth has always held me; the trees and animals have always been there for me; the Sun, Moon and planets have always spoken to me. Now I hear them, feel them, listen to them.

The elements of Nature are here for you, too. I would love to help you listen.

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