Down-to-Earth astrology and radical well-being, for body, mind and soul

My work is to help you reclaim your natural state of radical well-being, through nature-based wisdom.

I am an astrologer and wellness counselor combining astrology and other Nature-based systems such as yoga’s ‘sister science’ of Ayurveda. I have taught yoga, meditation, and breathing practices to a wide range of people for more than a dozen years, and integrate that experience in my astrology and wellness consultations. I came out of a military family and corporate career and have spent years dismantling old habits and beliefs to live from the inside out with authenticity and compassion. I live in the mountains, and carry their solid, grounded energy.

I believe the root of all that ails us – oppression, violence, polarization – is our sense of separateness: separateness from each other, but most critically, from our knowing of ourselves as part of the natural whole. When we reclaim our rootedness in the Earth; when we stop valuing transcendence over immanence; when we truly understand the innate intelligence of all of Creation; when we feel the elements within our own intelligent bodies; we will naturally understand our interdependence upon each other and every other being.

I offer classes and individual sessions to help you remember how to find your own answers, live more naturally, and know your self as part of nature, no matter where you are.

My Soul’s service is to guide you back to your sovereignty, your innate wisdom and your connection with the Earth and Cosmos, through the old ways of listening to the world within and around you.

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