Aries New Moon thoughts…..

From my blog…… *******A request to patrons (if you’ve read this far!!)******  Please click through to the post on the Patreon page to comment and/or click on the little heart to let me know you’ve read it; it helps me know you’re out there and your presence gives me inspiration and accountability. If you feelContinue reading “Aries New Moon thoughts…..”

The Death of Control: MIP (Memoir-in-progress) Excerpt

This is a portion of a chapter (or whatever) titled: The Death of Control, from a potential Memoir-in-Progress. When my father died, I had my first real taste of what it feels like to have no control. It wasn’t as if I didn’t know it was coming: I had been helping to take care ofContinue reading “The Death of Control: MIP (Memoir-in-progress) Excerpt”

Morning creative time

Sometimes, like today, my mind is whizzing along too quickly to sit down and focus on writing. I’ve showered, cooked breakfast, rearranged my bedroom and shoveled snow (in April!!) and finally sat down to create – something. So this morning it is a list of things I want to create. It’s not an exhaustive list,Continue reading “Morning creative time”

Libra Full Moon thoughts

This morning’s Full Moon in Libra brought a blizzard with, so far, several inches of snow and temperatures in the teens. Even for Montana, this seems extreme. But Full Moons are known for triggering extremes, so perhaps it should not be such a surprise. The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales, signifying harmony,Continue reading “Libra Full Moon thoughts”

Memoir-in-progress: feedback requested!

One of the many stumbling blocks on my road to writing this spiritual memoir is having an idea of how the finished book will be structured. Is it a collection of stories? A chronological autobiography of sorts? Something altogether different? It doesn’t sound like it should be an issue, but when I sit down toContinue reading “Memoir-in-progress: feedback requested!”