Happy Beltane (among other things)

When I was in college at Washington State University, at about this time of year, when we began to emerge from an eastern Washington winter, a little ditty would start going around campus: “Hooray, hooray for the 8th of May National Outdoor Intercourse Day!” At the time, I dismissed it as the first spring flushContinue reading “Happy Beltane (among other things)”

How to ‘save’ the Earth

As I write this, we are just past the Scorpio Full Moon. Scorpio, the sign associated with sex, death, transformation, the occult, is at it’s heart pointing to intimacy. Intimacy with one’s self and emotions, with other people, with Life itself. But going there, to the depths, can be scary. It requires letting go ofContinue reading “How to ‘save’ the Earth”

April Q and A on medicinal herbs in the kitchen

April’s Q and A for $26 members turned out to focus on the herbal medicine chest in our kitchen spice racks. Drawing from Ayurvedic wisdom, we talked about how to aid digestion and offset imbalances by choosing foods and spices. I’m attaching a pdf with the properties of a number of common herbs and spices.Continue reading “April Q and A on medicinal herbs in the kitchen”

Work in Progress – India stories

One of my main projects is to edit my blog posts from my two trips to India. I told a few of the stories; there are many more, from getting lost to visiting obscure temples to sleeping on train platforms. The stories are part of the memoir-in-progress.  The photo above was taken the day IContinue reading “Work in Progress – India stories”