The body is wise – a conversation with bioenergy healer Sarah McCroskey

A sure sign of the advent of spring is these plump cottonwood buds. Even though it doesn’t always feel like spring in March in Montana, the trees still recognize the longer days, and the warming of the Earth. Our bodies do, as well, and can guide us to adjust our lifestyle with the seasons when we listen. Right now I find myself craving greens and other bitter foods, a sure sign of my body’s desire for spring cleaning.

In the next episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, I have the pleasure of talking with Sarah McCroskey, healer, teacher, author and founder of the HumanSpirit Radio Network. Sarah is an energy healer, using the modality of Bioenergy Balancing. Among other attributes, this system of energy medicine helps to give the body a voice to help us cooperate with it more fully. 

I know Sarah from the worlds of astrology and healing. Her HumanSpirit Radio Network has covered a wide variety of topics over the year, including interviews with people such as Paul Levy, author of the powerful book “Dispelling Wetiko”. She also wrote an insightful piece about the difference between polarity and duality, a subject I hope to touch on in our time together.

Our conversation promises to be wide-ranging and multi-dimensional as we delve into the connections between spirituality and embodiment, and how to listen more closely to our own natural wisdom. 

I will post the Zoom link on Friday for podcast Members; all patrons will have access to the video recording shortly after we conclude; the audio recording will be released on The Natural Wisdom Podcast as well.

Thank you for being here!

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