Lions at the ‘lion’s gate’

Astrology can be quite literal, sometimes to the point of ridiculous. The Leo New Moon was last Sunday morning, August 8th, shortly before 8 a.m. Mountain time. It was in the heart of the sign Leo, one day after the ancient holy day of Lammas (‘Loaf-mass’), which celebrates the beginning of the harvest. 

Leo, of course, is the sign of the lion. It signifies courage, playfulness, the ‘divine child’, and self-expression. Leo rules the heart, the seat of courage. We can think of the term ‘lion-hearted’. 

What better way to celebrate a Leo New Moon than with lions? Within minutes of the time of the Sun and Moon conjoining, a young lion emerged from the hillside below the creek at the family cabin. It was just far enough away I wasn’t sure what it was from where I was sitting on the porch. I got up to take a closer look, and after regarding me for several moments, the lion began stalking through the grass towards me, clearly identifying itself as a lion. 

When it got closer, I began talking to it and it sat down in the grass (!), watching me and looking around long enough for me to go grab my phone/camera. Besides its small size, this overly brave behavior let me know it was a teenager in lion terms. It finally departed up the hill, nearly hidden in the grass.

About 5 minutes later, another larger lion emerged from the same general direction, pausing in a clearing to regard me coolly, without confusion or fear. Clearly older and wiser, it vanished into the brush next to the cabin.

Lions have always fascinated me, and I feel blessed to have celebrated the season of Leo with its namesake – all the better as the New Moon was very close to my own natal Leo Moon.

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