The Natural Wisdom Podcast begins

The Natural Wisdom Podcast is live!

The first episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast will be recorded July 10, 2021. Topics include an introduction to the podcast and its purpose, a little about how it came about, and some practical wisdom on aligning your lifestyle with Nature’s rhythms.

Here are some of the highlights of what will be on offer in the first six months of so of The Natural Wisdom Podcast:

  • An introductory episode that outlines the basic assumptions and philosophy of the show, such as the fact that we humans are part of the natural world. I’ll be sharing information from Ayurveda, astrology, and other sources about how we can align ourselves with natural cycles to be healthier, happier, and lighten up our impacts on our home planet.
  • There will be astrology! At least a few times per year, I and a guest will go into astro-weather forecasts. One of the astrology headlines for 2022, for example, is that the Lunar Nodes will shift signs, with accompanying changes in some of the major collective challenges we all face. Whereas this year we have been finding the balance between dogma and dialogue, next year there will be more emphasis on exposing secrets.
  • One of my pet subjects is how our lifestyle can be our medicine. When and how we eat, for example, is often more powerful than what we eat. With a huge focus for many people on choosing the ‘right’ foods and diet, the simple ritual of eating consciously can be ignored. Yet, sitting down and enjoying a meal with no distractions can make dramatic improvements to our health and digestion.

Every episode will be geared to helping humans remember ourselves as Nature. Have ideas for speakers or subjects? Become a patron; send me a comment here on my website, or find me on social media – Instagram, Facebook, MeWe.

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