Surprises and sudden insights with Mercury and Uranus

We are in the waning gibbous phase of the Moon, heading towards the  Third Quarter Moon in Cancer this Friday evening. The astro-headline  today is the first of three oppositions between Mercury in Scorpio and  Uranus in Taurus. Mercury, related to our mental activities, attention,  and perception is in the sign of ‘the edgewalker’, raising questions  about what is secret, hidden and/or taboo. Sometimes known as a ‘higher  octave’ of Mercury, the planet Uranus points to radical insights, sudden  changes, and the drive for greater consciousness. In their opposing  configuration, we might look for ‘mental earthquakes’ and perhaps some  tension between what we think and what we really know through our  bodies.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:

  • Surprise! What does this word conjure up for you?; or
  • Secrets you’ve kept or told.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Start with: “My head says _____, but my gut tells me _______”; or
  • Use the quote from Adyashanti in the photo above as your starting point. The quote is from his book “The Way of Liberation”, one I highly recommend for anyone interested in spiritual awakening.

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