Mars turns around – time to regenerate

With Mars slowed to a stop yesterda in preparation for its rare (every two  years) retrograde journey, we may well find our own energy following  suit. Mars – the planet representing the animating force, our desire,  action, and creative energy – turns retrograde tonight, revisiting  territory it has covered once in recent weeks.  We are being offered the  opportunity to revisit, revise, and review where we direct our vital  creative force. This is also a time for regenerating and re-gathering  courage and vitality, and perhaps completing some unfinished business.

The Moon in airy, social Gemini squares the Sun in earthy, practical  Virgo later tonight, adding emphasis to the theme of completing  something we may have started three weeks ago even though we may prefer  to just go hang out with friends.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:  

  • Name some aspects of life you want to review/revisit during this Mars retrograde period; or
  • List some examples of Mars energy as you see it in Nature.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:   

  • Describe your experience of ‘three steps forward and two steps back”; or
  • What are you gathering courage for? or
  • What unfinished business requires completion?

The Writing Studio now meets on Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 Mountain time. Join us!

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