Natural Wisdom video-call on June 22nd

The planets Jupiter and Saturn have been close all year, and will only move apart after their exact conjunction this December. Until then, we can watch their dance in the night skies. Pluto is nearby, but its presence is only felt, not seen.

Join me on June 22nd at 4:15 pm Mountain/6:15 pm Eastern for an hour of information, guidance, and discussion on the unfolding natural order within the chaos. I’ll share information, insight, and perspective on current astrology, coupled with practical wisdom for body, mind and Soul. 

I have been wanting to talk more about the forces at work in this year of transition, and the Summer Solstice (which is actually on Saturday, June 20th) seems like a good time for a conversation. I will cover some of the big planetary alignments of 2020, such as the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January, and the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction that wraps up the year at the Winter Solstice. I’ll also talk about the new Eclipse cycle we just entered, and the opportunities it offers us to choose a worldview of compassion and integrity.

It is all too easy to feel at the mercy of the changes and currents at work in the world; yet we each have the ability to make choices in how we meet them. I find astrology to be a source of inspiration, and I hope to share that sense of agency and hope.

Please let me know in the comments if there are specific topics or questions you want me to address and I will do my best. There will also be time for questions on the call. 

 I will post the link here on my Patreon page prior to the call. Non-patrons can make an offering here or become a patron!

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