Sneak preview of my latest endeavor

Hello dear patrons! It feels like it has been a bit too long between updates. It’s an interesting as well as challenging time on my end. I have been working on the second/third installments of the story “The Death of Control“, which you may remember from a few months ago. It is a chronicle of transformation, in particular financial survival. Apparently I am not quite ready to finish the story, because I still don’t know how it ends. You’ll be the first to know!

The photo above is for my latest creation, a mentorship for women which brings together many of the threads of my work including astrology, yoga, and Ayurveda. When I left my corporate job in 2010, it would have been nice to have this kind of guidance to help me leave behind the destructive habits of overworking and overthinking that get in the way of true creativity. You can get a sneak preview before I start marketing the program after tomorrow’s Virgo New Moon. If any of you are interested in joining up, I’m happy to offer patrons a discount. Just get in touch:)

Speaking of the Virgo New Moon, this is the season to re-examine daily routines and rhythms and let go of unhealthy patterns and habits. A physical cleanse is useful to clear out the build-up from summer’s excesses. Virgo is the sign associated with health and service, meaning that how we perform our service is critical to our health. Virgo, the virgin (meaning woman not ‘belonging’ to a man) represents the priestess (or priest) who makes every day life sacred through ritual.

I’ll be posting my New Moon thoughts in my newsletter and blog in the next day or so if you want more on that subject.

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